Service and Pricing

Serving: Buyers, Lenders, Brokers, Sellers... inspections for New homes, Older homes, Townhouses, Condo's, Manufactured Homes, Apartments, Pre-inspections (recommended). Pricing on average range from $400 to $450, depending on 2 items (square footage and condition of home... meaning: very good, average or poor).  Non-attached buildings with utilities such a barns, shops, etc... would be additional cost (these types of structures under 500 sq.ft. typically range between $25 to $50, please let us know you want it inspected as well and we'll provide you a quote).  Most Inspection-Reports are 20-25 pages and are completed that evening with an A.M. inspection or less than 24 hours with a P.M. inspection.

Inspected items in your Report will include:
A quick overview to Issues-identified in report are all located on page 5 of the Summary Report.
Property Grade and Drainage,  Driveway & Walkways,  Foundation,  Home & Garage structure,  Exterior Siding,  Decks & Patios
Roof/Chimney & Flashings,  Crawlspace/Attic & Basement,  Electical/Plumbing/Heating & Cooling Systems,  Insulation,  Ventilation,  Built-in Appliances,  Fireplaces,  Interior Wall/Foors & Ceilings,  Exterior/Interior Doors & Windows.
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In need of a Sewer Scope or Radon test? Contact our recommended associates below to setup an appointment time that best fits your schedule or we will gladly do it for you upon request.
Troy at:  (sewer scope)             George at: (radon)
48-hour Inspection                    Willamette Radon
503-505-4149                            503-989-9992
Average scope $125                     Average test $140
Averages may vary depending on details... call for quote.